Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

That Red Spot on Jupiter

We learned that the GIANT RED SPOT on Jupiter is actually a giant hurricane that moves around the planet. Although you can use a washer and some electrical tape to make a hurricane in 2 2-liter bottles, we have this handy plastic attachment:
 Fill the bottom bottle 2/3 with water, screw on the attachment and the second bottle:
 Flip and swirl to make a hurricane . . .

Hudson Had (Another) Birthday Party!!

I am beginning to think there are some perk to having your birthday the day after Christmas . . .

Friday, January 15, 2016

Art Opening at MMFA

It is always a great night when we get to see a new student show in the ARTWORKS Corridor at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Art. Out of over 100 entries, about forty were chosen, including three by Speece School students:
Here is Hudson (the only 3rd grader and youngest student in the show!) with "Blue-handled Scissors"(on canvas with hot glue and acrylic paint):
 Look, here is Halina with "A Study of Cezanne's 'Still Life with Apples'" (on canvas with wood fill—for texture—and acrylic paint). She said she wanted to do "real art" for this show rather than a project that was more like a craft. I think she pulled it off:
 Oh, and Jameson next to his torn-paper collage "A Study of Monet's 'Still Life with Meat [and Garlic].'" Of course a ten-year-old boy would pick a famous painting with RAW MEAT as inspiration:
There was a reception, a presentation of certificates, and each student artist got to tell the crowd about his or her painting!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

How Big is Jupiter?

We heard that Jupiter is so big that ALL the other planets could fit inside it. Is that true? Using a chart from our book, we made scale models of all the planets out of play dough:

 Then, we smushed all the other planets together and compared it to Jupiter.
Yep, all the other planets COULD fit inside Jupiter: